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✅ Unlock Security Code 🔓 Nokia 3310 ( TA-1030 ) by Miracle 2.82 🔥




In this article, we will explain how to delete the password from a Nokia 3310 device through the 

Miracle program attached with the definitions file at the bottom of the explanation



To begin with, we install the Nokia drivers according to your Windows x64-bit or x32-bit version


Then we open the Miracle program and choose the MTK option and from there we choose Service


From this page we choose the Format option, then we choose the type of processor, which is the "Boot (Nokia RM-1110/1/1133/4) (USB)" option.


Then we click on the Start Button, and then we will see two options, and we will choose No.


Then we remove the battery from the phone and then return it, then we connect the phone to the computer


Then you have to wait until the software withdrawal process is finished


When the software is removed, we remove the battery, then return it, then turn on the device and choose the language


 and so we have finished working on the device’s software and delete the password that was on it

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 ✅ Unlock Security Code 🔓 Nokia 3310 ( TA-1030 ) by Miracle 2.82 🔥


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