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Frp Bypass Samsung A10s SM-A107F U8 Latest Security | Fix App Not Install




In this article, we will get acquainted with a way to bypass Google Account on a Samsung device, the A10s device, which recently had a very strong protection


Which prevents you from installing any application from the browser despite downloading it, and in this lesson we will learn how to bypass this protection 

In order to be able to access the device at first, we open the browser through a program downloaded from Easy Frimware that opens the browser called Easy Samsung FRP Tool 

Then we open the settings via the browser via this link yalla-mobile.com/bypass

We press the Open Settings button
Then we enter the Samsung account we created previously and make a backup copy of the quick shortcut maker app

Now that we have entered the account, we are doing a restore to the quick shortcut maker app and we open it through the website

yalla-mobile.com/bypass We click Open Google App and search for the name of the application

Then we enter a new pattern through the program and we go back and enter the pattern so that we are finished

Samsung A10s bypass Google Account protection

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Frp Bypass Samsung A10s SM-A107F U8 Latest Security | Fix App Not Install


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