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Solve the Problem is Disabled iPhone or iPad Connect to iTunes



Solve a problem that the iPhone or iPad has been stopped. Connect to iTunes


 It is a known problem, which means that you entered the password more than once


The reason for this is to disable the iPhone and the solution, my friend is to do software for the iPhone or iPad


and this is through 3uTools or iTunes, and we also need the device's flash file We can get it from the IPSW website


 which provides all iPhone and iPad flashes of various versions afterwards

Steps :

  1. We convert the device to DFU Mode or Recovery Mode
  2. Connect the phone to the computer
  3. Open 3uTools and choose the Flash menu
  4. Choose the flash drive and education on the wipe data button
  5. Starting the flashing process

After Completion, Activate the Device Normally

Notes : 

  1. Will Wipe all Data on the Phone
  2. You Must Know the iCloud Account, if Found on
  3. Use an Original USB Cable

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 Solve the Problem is Disabled iPhone or iPad Connect to iTunes


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Muhammad Al-Aloul
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