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Huawei Nexus 6P Android 8.1.0 FRP / Google Unlock Without PC | NEW METHOD



First we connect to a Wi-Fi network, then return to the start page, click on Visibility Settings, and choose Talkback

We activate it and then draw a letter L on the phone screen to show us the Talkback Options menu

We choose the last option, Dim Screen, then we stop the talkback mode by long pressing 

On the volume up and down button at the same time, then we choose the option to use and press again the volume up button with the volume down button

After the Talkback mode stops, we will click on the settings icon in the screen that appears in front of us and choose from the settings an option

The Feedback is the last option in the list and then we click on the terms of service link

Then we scroll down to click on the Google logo, and then we type in google youtube.com and select the text that we wrote 

In order for the YouTube icon to appear next to the copy and paste buttons, then we click on it and we click on any link inside YouTube in order to transfer us 

For Google Chrome, then we write in Google Chrome
yalla-mobile.com/bypass in order to open the Gmail Bypass Tools page 

From the page we choose Android 8-9-10 GAM and download it and also download Frp Bypass 

We go to Downloads In order to install the applications we downloaded we first install Android 8-9-10 GAM


After that, the Frp Bypass application, and we open it, click on the three points in the corner, and click Register with the browser

On this page, we enter the iGmail that we created previously, then we enter the Gmail password and click Next

After we are done, we restart the device and activate it normally 

So we finished bypass Google Account on the Huawei Nexus 6P

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Huawei Nexus 6P Android 8.1.0 FRP / Google Unlock Without PC | NEW METHOD


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