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How to Create an iCloud & AppStore Account After 2021 Updates



We also know the iCloud account is one of the most important accounts inside the iPhone devices because it stores your data, knows your location, and protects your device from theft or loss.

Even you cannot even install applications without it and there are two types of iCloud accounts, the first is the account that takes from external mail such as gmail.com and the second is the one that takes mail in the icloud.com domain

I prefer the end mail to icloud.com, so we will know in this explanation how to create it in the easiest way

First, we open the settings, then we open the iCloud account login window and click You do not have or create an Apple ID 

Then we click Create an Apple ID, then we enter the name and date of birth, and then we click You do not have an email 

And we enter a new email that was not previously created, and then we enter a hard password to take you to the next step


It is to ask you for the mobile number and in some cases it asks for some questions that must be entered in order to complete the process 

Then we will enter the code that we got on the mobile number that we entered, and the account will be created 

Then we create a link between the iCloud and the store so that we can download the applications, so we open the store and click on the account entry sign 

We enter the iCloud account that we created, then we click Review and we will choose the country and fill out the application 

Thus, we created a new iCloud account and linked it to the store
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How to Create an iCloud & AppStore Account After 2021 Updates


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