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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Android Pie 9 / Frp Bypass SM G611F U3 Without PC



In this article, we will learn how to bypass Gmail on a Samsung device, the J7 Prime 2 

In order to be able to access the device at first we connect to a Wi-Fi network and then make an emergency call to the number 911 or 112 

Then we write anything to show us the Samsung keyboard, press the setting sign, press the keyboard layout, then note the keystroke. 

Then we press the volume and vibration, then the automatic answer or end of calls, then we do the automatic answer and press two fingers on any two options in the list at the same time several times

In order to show us the phone page, stop the question in order to choose information about the application, then click on the settings option at the top of the page

Then we choose the banned numbers, and from there we choose the last calls and choose from them the emergency call that we created in order to open a new page for us from which we choose to send a message 

And we write a new message, which is YouTube.com, in order to open the YouTube program for us, and then click on any link inside the YouTube videos in order to transfer us to the browser 

Then we open the settings via the browser via this link

We press the Open Settings button
We choose biometrics and safety, and from there we choose other protection settings, and then we do the option to install the tires and we open them and click on Choose screen lock when uninstalling the tires

Then we insert a new pattern and go back and enter the pattern so that we are finished

From bypassing the Gmail protection of the Samsung J7 Prime2

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Android Pie 9 / Frp Bypass SM G611F U3 Without PC



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